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Tips For Finding Network Marketing Sales Leads

April 4th, 2021

I am often asked, “since you have built 3 successful network marketing businesses, where are the best lead providers?”. Let me share with you where I will not go to get leads! I will not approach friends and family in the first 90 days of starting your business and this includes people you work with in other businesses. First of all, this will build a lot of resentment and anger, and often they will want to see the proof of the business and you would only be lying to them because you do not have proof.

Most of the people in the network marketing companies will dismiss this article if you approach them and say it is not true. They are building teams and want a long lasting business and want others to be working and they want to retire as fast as they can. They will tell you, it is not about the company, because they are successful. This is true, but you should not bank on it to get you to instant success. They may even say, forget about the product, the real income is from building the business and finding business partners. Now, let me ask you how dumb that sounds? Look at it in real life view, if it was all about getting more people in the business and was not company and product, why does McDonald’s sell food? Why are they not about opening more and more locations and counting on the money you invest in the franchise? Do you see why I am more passionate about products than the business side of it? How many people would love to own McDonald’s location, but cannot afford it?

Now, I am not saying McDonald’s is the next five star restaurant, but the product McDonald’s has is fast (ok…..maybe fast), inexpensive food that you can grab with a limited amount of time. No, it is not the fries or the burgers that draw people in, because there may be better places to eat.

So, if you are looking at leads, what kind are you looking at? If they are opportunity leads, I would not waste my time. Everyone wants to make money, so why your business? They have to want your products. Face it; if your company does not sell a thing, no one makes money.

Then you can get sales leads which are OK if you know how to use them and obtain them. Some companies will tell you they have leads for buying products in your niche. They have lists of people who have spent money on anything. It is an art and science to find these people. Sure, you can get leads for less than 10 cents. I have shown many people how to locate these types of people. You may spend money on leads, and until you find a good business to help you, then you may spend more on them in the long run and takes more time.

The last type of leads that I teach people to get, are self generated targeted leads. Now, the best people in network marketing are doing this. You are getting qualified people, and you hope the person is yours and yours alone, but even saying this, they are probably not. If you go to buy a car, do you buy the car from the first person that has a car for sale? No. So why should your business be any different. You do have to be positioned as a leader and branded. You can not advertise your company or supplier of your products, you advertise your business.